Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Not sure what cider to buy, we have put together a few things to think about, before ordering your cider.


Ciders vary from sweet to dry, with the far extremes of the scale being very sweet, and very dry. If you know how you like your cider, then great. If you are unsure, then we would recommend a medium cider.


Ciders can vary in strength, and this is something to consider when looking for a cider that suits you. Our site contains cider as low as 3.8% ABV, and as high as 8.4% ABV. If you don’t want anything too strong, then we recommend a strength between 4-6%ABV.

Still or Carbonated:

All of the Bag in Box ciders are ‘still’, and bottled products can vary, but most are ‘carbonated’ (please refer to exact product descriptions). Many traditional ciders can become slightly carbonated when bottled due to the processes involved.

Shelf Life:

It is also worth considering the shelf life of the product you are purchasing. Most Bag in Box ciders, have an excellent Best before date, but once opened, should be consumed within 1 month, where as bottled products can be opened and consumed at more of a time that suits you.

If you would like more help in choosing a cider, then please do not hesitate to email us:

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